Voting From Home (By Mail)


Downloadable Documents:

Voting Toolkit – for quick reference on ways to vote. This document is great for sharing and can be distributed as needed.

● Absentee Ballot Application – Request an absentee ballot by downloading the application and submitting to your county auditor.

Vote Safely In 3 Simple Steps

We are encouraging North Dakotans to vote safely from home this November due to the public health concerns from COVID-19. It’s easy! Three simple steps:

Step 1:

All eligible voters can request an absentee ballot application from the North Dakota Secretary of State or from their county auditor’s office. Absentee ballots will begin arriving in the mail after September 24th.

To complete the absentee ballot application voters must have valid identification like a North Dakota drivers license, state issued ID, or a tribal issued ID.

  • Once the application is complete you must print and sign the generated form and mail to the address listed.
  • If you do not have access to a printer, an absentee ballot application can be mailed to you. Just call your county auditor’s office to make the request.
  • For more information on voting from home, forms of identification, and other questions visit the ‘Voting Basics’ provided by the ND Secretary of State.

Step 2:

After completing your vote from home (absentee) application make sure to watch your mail for the ballot to arrive.

Step 3:

Once you receive your ballot you can vote! Just complete the ballot, place the ballot inside the secrecy envelope and then inside the return envelope. Make sure to sign the return envelope on the signature line, apply postage, and mail it or drop it off at your ballot drop off box (county drop boxes tab). It is recommended to put your ballot in the mail as soon as possible to make sure it’s submitted in time to be counted. If mailing, must be postmarked by November 2nd – the day BEFORE the election. If using the dropbox, it must be placed in the dropbox no later than November 2nd.

Cass County deadline is November 2nd at 5pm. County drop box locations have closing times deadlines so please contact your county auditor for specifics.

Remember when mailing your ballot:

  • Ballots must be in the return envelope provided and the return envelope must be signed
    by the voter.
  • Ballot envelopes that are returned without a signature will not be processed.
  • If voters are mailing ballots in, it must be postmarked by Nov. 2nd or earlier.
  • If mailing your ballot, remember to affix the required first-class postage stamp to the

Remember when using the ballot Drop Off box:

  • Each county will have one secure ballot drop box; contact the county auditor regarding
    the location. All county drop box locations here.
  • Ballots can be deposited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until November 2 (the day BEFORE the election).
  • Cass County deadline is November 2nd at 5pm. County drop box locations have closing
    times deadlines so please contact your county auditor for specifics.

*Ballot drop box times may vary for certain counties. It is important to verify your county’s deadline. Click here to see deadline times for all locations.
**Most drop boxes are open 24 hours but it’s best to check with your county auditor before heading out.


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