Prairie Action ND

Get Federal Relief Aid to the People

September 6th, 2021
As submitted to Prairie Action ND

This Labor Day, we at the North Dakota AFL-CIO would like you to think about the working people of North Dakota, but also the $1 billion of federal relief money meant to go to working people that is tied up at the Bank of North Dakota right now.

This $1 billion sitting in the bank includes support for child care, housing, food, education, workforce development, local development for towns and cities, agriculture, and a whole host of things North Dakota working families need and deserve to live decently.

We need to get that $1 billion to the people who need it. Not the next lower level of government. To the people. To the working families that we are celebrating this weekend. To the hardworking North Dakotans that get up every day and make our economy move, from the classrooms to the construction sites, from the farms to the factories, from the hospitals to the power plants. These are the folks that need support, and need to see it sooner than later.

We suggest Governor Burgum and the legislature make untangling this situation a top priority before the working people of North Dakota lose out.

Landis Larson, West Fargo
President, North Dakota AFL-CIO