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21 Bills: ND Legislature Targets LGBTQ+ Community

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January 27, 2023 

As you may have heard on the news or read in the paper, there is an active assault against LGBTQ+ folks in North Dakota. With legislative hearings currently in session at the capital, it is imperative that we stand together and take action against these harmful, life threatening bills. 

Twenty One anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced at the North Dakota legislature.Many of these discriminatory bills target transgender kids, including bills that try to ban trans kids from playing sports or receiving life-saving health care. Others attempt to legitimize and protect the dangerous and discredited pseudotherapy known as conversion therapy ‘treatment’. 

Instead of focusing on real issues like addressing the child care crisis, passing paid family leave or funding school meals for children, politicians are targeting LGBTQ+ people. TAKE ACTION!

Faye Seidler, LGBTQ+ community advocate and suicide preventionist, has provided a breakdown of the bills attacking LGTBQ+ North Dakotans including youth. To learn more from Faye, check out her recent letter to the editor or visit her website.

2023 North Dakota Legislation

PRO: 1 Pro LGBTQ+ Bill 

ANTI: 17 Anti-LGBTQ+/Trans Bills 

DPI: 4 Destabilized Public Institutes 


(DPI) HB 1111 – Allows disregarding international health organization recommended policy

(ANTI) HB 1139 Adds a requirement to add sex to birth certificate 

(ANTI) HB 1205 Ban Gender Identity/Sexual Identity in Library books 

(ANTI) HB 1249 – Bans trans individuals in sports 

(ANTI) HB 1254 – Criminalize medical care for transgender youth and declare emergency

(ANTI) HB 1256 – Create criminal penalties around allegation of discrimination

(PRO) HB 1281 – Relating to decriminalization of HIV 

(ANTI) HB 1297 – Gender marker on birth certificate may not be changed

(ANTI) HB 1301 – Prohibit medical care and give the right to sue doctor and parents

(ANTI) HB 1332 Make conversion therapy not considered unethical 

(ANTI) HB 1333 Criminal penalty for drag queens 

(DPI) HB 1403 – Parent rights supersede state intervention with limited exceptions

(ANTI) HB 1473 Remove trans people from restrooms/showers with exception

(ANTI) HB 1474 – Removing Transgender individuals from state data collection

(ANTI) HB 1488 Require parental permission for joining clubs/GSA’s 

(ANTI) HB 1489 – prevent trans athletes in college 

(ANTI) HB 1522 Explicit ban of all trans acceptance in school – $500,000 penalty

(DPIHB 1526 Parental right/anti-CRT school curriculum. 


(DPI) SB 2188 – Comprehensive parental rights 

(ANTI) SB 2199 – Completely erases trans individuals from century code

(ANTI) SB 2231 – Prevent school policy that acknowledges gender identity

(ANTI) SB 2260 – Comprehensive parental rights

If you or someone you know needs help call 211 or 988 for mental health/suicide hotline.