Prairie Action ND

Major Win: Fargo Public Schools Pull ‘Baby Olivia’ Video After Community Pushback!s

By: Amy Jacobson, Executive Director, Prairie Action ND

April 24, 2024

Last month we notified you that Fargo Public Schools was using a video in health class produced by the far-right, anti-choice organization Live Action. This video, titled ‘Baby Olivia’, is highly deceptive, inaccurately portraying the developmental timeline of fetuses and employing a pregnancy timeline that contradicts mainstream medical standards.

Concerned parents and community members pushed back against the dissemination of a medically inaccurate and heavily disputed curriculum in our schools. And, in a courageous act, 9th grade student Henry McMullen-Wendt and his mother, a nurse, spoke out at a school board meeting demanding we do better for our students.

We just learned that Fargo Public Schools is pulling the video from classrooms. In their report it stated the video did not present “facts and concepts accurately and objectively, as it contains significant portions of untrue information, inaccurate facts, and/or faulty premises”. Robin Huebner’s article “Baby Olivia” Video Pulled from Fargo Public Schools in the Fargo Forum today is a MUST READ.

This is an important win for students, for education and for TRUTH.  Our children deserve access to factual and evidence-based information that empowers them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. By removing ‘Baby Olivia’ from our schools, Fargo Public Schools demonstrated their commitment to providing students with the quality education they deserve. 

Thank you to all of you who sent emails to school board members and administrators. Together, we made a difference!