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Urgent Act: Senators Cramer and Hoeven vote against Right to Contraction Act

June 13, 2024 Last week North Dakota’s federal delegation cast votes that, yet again, fail to protect the health and future of millions of Americans.  On June 5th, the U.S. Senate voted on the Right to Contraception Act, a simple bill that protects the right to contraception, which has been threatened across the country. Despite […]

Can Politics Be Positive?

By: Faye Seidler, Suicide Prevention Advocate May 30, 2024 “I work in suicide prevention, which is work that focuses on hope. While we often think about this topic in regard to mental health, it’s so much broader than that. It’s how we feel connected to our community or not, our access to resources or opportunities, […]

By: Amy Jacobson, Executive Director, Prairie Action ND May 31, 2024 “Yesterday Donald Trump became the first former president in United States history to be convicted on criminal charges. Despite facing threats and harassment, a jury of everyday Americans had the courage to weigh the evidence and convict Trump of 34 felonies for deceiving voters […]

Poll Finds ND GOP Voters Fear Country Losing Christian Values

By: Michael Standaert, North Dakota News Cooperative May 28, 2024 Support for “Christian nationalist” ideas mixed. Republican voters in the state have conservative Christian ideals they believe should be reflected in political decisions, but only up to a point, a new North Dakota Poll has found.  Of voters surveyed, 73% fear that if the U.S. […]

Childcare Workforce Challenges Persist

By: Michael Standaert, North Dakota News Cooperative May 2, 2024  Celeste Thingvold, superintendent of Bowbells K-12 school system in the northwest corner of North Dakota, faces potential blowback once the main child care facility in town closes in a few weeks. The only other day care provider in Bowbells is expecting a baby later this […]

Major Win: Fargo Public Schools Pull ‘Baby Olivia’ Video After Community Pushback!

By: Amy Jacobson, Executive Director, Prairie Action ND April 24, 2024 Last month we notified you that Fargo Public Schools was using a video in health class produced by the far-right, anti-choice organization Live Action. This video, titled ‘Baby Olivia’, is highly deceptive, inaccurately portraying the developmental timeline of fetuses and employing a pregnancy timeline […]

Use of Fetal Development Video Must Stop

By: Micah Harwood, former Fargo Public Schools Student March 30, 2024 I am a former student of Fargo Public Schools and so I am aware of a lot of internal problems that need to be addressed. However, I will gloss over those for the sole reason of having this specific issue addressed. Fargo Public Schools […]

Fair Housing Month Reminds Us There is Work Left To Do to Ensure Fair Housing for All

By: Michelle Rydz, Executive Director, High Plains Fair Housing Center April 1, 2024 This month all over the state of North Dakota we commemorate Fair Housing Month with trainings, panel discussions, movies, library displays, and city and state proclamations celebrating this important legislation. The Fair Housing Act, passed days after the assassination of Dr. Martin […]

North Dakotans Deserve Health Care, Including Abortion and IVF

By: Elizabeth Samuelson March 24, 2024 Just before the Alabama Supreme Court ruling, I received a diagnosis informing me that my partner and I would possibly need assistance through IVF to have a child. I began having various labs and medical procedures completed to assess the health of my reproductive organs while representatives in North […]